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Why you need to visit New Zealand's North Island

Residing in the North Island of New Zealand's brings with it a variety of opportunities. You see, it really has it all, from picture-perfect beaches, cascading waterfalls and amazing forest right through to mountain ranges and some of the worlds most famous geothermal representatives. Both the capital, Wellington and the big city of Auckland reside in the North, bringing some amazing lifestyle and culture. However, I'd prefer to talk to you more about the endless adventures to be had here and the sublime sights you may be lucky to see along the way.

New Zealand's North Island plays host to some of the most diverse landscapes you will have ever seen, making you wonder how on earth did this all fit on one island... In a few hours you could be driving past famed volcanoes from the Tongariro national park after spending a morning on glorious, quiet sandy white beaches; the diversity of it all is mind-blowing.

I myself, originally from the UK, have chosen Northland as a place to reside for the last couple of years and I have come to admire the place a lot. You see when arriving into Auckland from abroad, most opt to go South straight away, missing out on what sublime coastlines we have here in the Northland region. We have some of the best beaches I've ever laid eyes on, a sub-tropical climate in summer and even a lot of sun hours in winter, making your explorations throughout this region do-able whatever the season may be.

During my time here in the North Island of New Zealand, I've been fortunate enough to explore a fair amount of it through my own explorations and photo assignments, finding out bit by bit more and more reasons as to why this place is so fascinating. I feel like now I just have enough experiences in this stunning realm to share with you a few places which really are a must see. They are in no particular order and chosen by myself purely on the basis that they are my own personal favourites. I hope you can your own journey to this incredible part of New Zealand yourself some day!


The Wairarapa region boats the best of both, stunningly beautiful jagged coastline as well as some of the best back-country hiking the North Island has to offer in the form on the Tararua range. Crystal clear waters in sunken gorges, beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see and peaks that can take you above the clouds, the Wairarapa region has it all.

For more information, please visit:

Destination Wairarapa | @wairarapa

The Waiohine Gorge

Fensham Scenic Reserve, looking out to Masterton

Waiohine Gorge Swing bridge

A clear night at Tarn Ridge Hut, Tararua Forest Park

Angle Knob, Tararua Forest Park

Mt Girdlestone, Tararua Range

Tongariro National Park

This place needs no introduction, I feel that the fact it is a Dual World Heritage site speaks for itself. The hub for all things Geothermal here in New Zealand, boasting 3 active stratovolcanoes, one of which famed for playing it's part in the Lord of the Rings series, Tongariro National Park is a place to visit whatever the season. You will find no end to the possible outdoor exploits to be done here. You will never get over the views seen here, always leaving you wanting more.

For more information, please visit:

Visit Ruapehu | @visitruapehu

A hiker enjoying the last light of day on Whakapapa ski field

The ever-looming Mt Ngauruhoe at sunset

Summit Ridge, Mt Ruapehu

Last light of day over the plains of Tongariro National Park

Whakapapa Ski Field


The one true hidden gem, I believe, in the North Island. Boasting some of the best beaches I have ever laid eyes upon, this is the region I have decided to make my home for the last 2 years. Northland attracts the most hours of sun per annum out of the whole of New Zealand alongside Nelson, giving us an almost sub-tropical climate during the summer months and a very mild winter season. With exploits to be had both on land & sea, you will wonder why you didn't visit this place sooner.

For more information, please visit:

Northland INC | @northlandnz

To explore the Poor Knights Marine reserve, ranked in the top 10 places to dive in the world, please contact:

Dive Tutukaka | @divetutukaka

Martins Beach, Oponone, Hokianga

Sunrise over Matai Bay

Sunrise at the summit of Mt Manaia, gazing out towards Bream head

Urupukapuka Island, Bay of Islands

Underwater at the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve, Tutukaka


A north island trip isn't complete without a visit to the Coromandel. A place good for the soul, you'll be lost for the words at the natural beauty of this region. From secret beach coves, coastal paths across jagged and rich coastline all the way to ancient forests and mesmerising peaks, the Coromandel is personally a place I feel I haven't even touched upon; there is so much here to see and explore!

For more information please visit:

Destination Coromandel | @thecoromandel

The deep gorges and valleys of the Coromandel

Sunrise at the Pinnacles, Coromandel

Sunrise at the Pinnacles, Coromandel

Atop the Pinnacles, Coromandel

Egmont National Park

Mt Taranaki/Egmont National park is a place dominated by one of the most jaw-dropping sights you'll have seen to date. Ever-looming and ever-present, Mount Taranaki or Mount Egmont, is an active but quiescent stratovolcano standing at 2,518 metres high. With your gaze always drawn to it's distinct cone shape, it's mystifying how this peak came to be with such a flat land mass surrounding it. TIP: Opposite the towering peak stands the Puoakai range, a short range that if climbed, you will have front row seats to the beauty of the mountain, especially at sunrise/sunset.

For more information, please visit:

Visit taranaki | @taranaki_nz

Mount Taranaki, as seen from the Puoakai range

A room with a view

Well that's it from me for this blog. I hope the images inspire you to visit the glorious North Island of New Zealand someday, it truly is an amazing place. If you have any comments, messages or experiences of the North Island you would like to share, it would be great to hear from you!

All photos seen are available for sale, message for details!

See you for the next blog!

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