My Top 3 Multi-day hikes of the North Island

I have been fortunate enough to have resided in the North Island of New Zealand for the last 2 years. During that time I have tried to get out and explore as much as possible, with each visit discovering new places, new experiences and all the while taking new images for my personal photography portfolio. With several national parks and forests reserves dotted around, you will never be short of possible adventures here, with a wide variety of different scenes and environments to go and embed yourselves in. Whether it be the interest in the geothermal activity of NZ's north island, the mountain tops and endless ridge lines, or the sublime coastline that lines this island, there's no limit on

Why you need to visit Nelson Lakes National Park

A recent trip of mine brought me to a place I have, ever since, wanted to imminently return to; Nelson Lakes National Park. A 7 day hike along one of New Zealand's fabled routes, the Travers-Sabine circuit, brought with it elements of sublime vistas, a removal from civilisation and an ever-longing to be back there exploring more of this amazing place. You see, as you may be able to tell from the name, Nelson Lakes plays host to a variety of alpine lakes dotted around the park. Combine that with endless ridge lines and a bush line that rises to a 1000metres above sea level, you have the perfect recipe for a grand adventure. No visit to Nelson Lakes is an easy one, with high passes and deep-se

Why you need to visit New Zealand's North Island

Residing in the North Island of New Zealand's brings with it a variety of opportunities. You see, it really has it all, from picture-perfect beaches, cascading waterfalls and amazing forest right through to mountain ranges and some of the worlds most famous geothermal representatives. Both the capital, Wellington and the big city of Auckland reside in the North, bringing some amazing lifestyle and culture. However, I'd prefer to talk to you more about the endless adventures to be had here and the sublime sights you may be lucky to see along the way. New Zealand's North Island plays host to some of the most diverse landscapes you will have ever seen, making you wonder how on earth did this al

Tongariro: Why you need to visit Middle Earth

Within the 4 years I've lived in New Zealand for, I've pretty much evened out my time between living in North and South Islands, getting a chance to appreciate the natural beauties both have to offer. They are so so different, with the south offering the alps and endless ridge lines of peaks with lakes at their footing. The North offering great coastal adventures as well as the hub of all things geothermal. The central North Island region offers unparalleled landscapes, it's no wonder it's been named a dual world heritage area. Yes, I'm talking about The National Park, New Zealand's first national park. It is now often referred to as Tongariro. With 3 stratovolcanoes in plain sight, you'll b

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