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New Zealand Adventure Travel - South Island Bucket List

If you love heading off the beaten track and observing some amazing natural beauty, then NZ's South Island is for you. Ladled with adventure, there are walks and trails dotted all over, taking you to incredible destinations. For sure, there are tourist spots but if you want to experience a great adventure, then this might be worth a read.

Here are my top 5 hikes/experiences to do in NZ's South Island, in no particular order:

5. Hike the Milford Track

Named 'the finest walk in the world', the Milford track is an experience that actually lives up to its nickname. I must admit, I was dubious about this grand title but having done it more than once, I can honestly say I couldn't agree more. 55km exploring the heart of Fiordland, the trail takes you along valley floors encompassed by steep fiords, pass cascading waterfalls and over mountain passes. Completed in 2-4 days, this trail is a magnet for those seeking all the possible wonders of New Zealand, packed into one trail.

To organise your trip here with all the logistics and planning, I'd recommend contacted Fiordland Outdoors Co, experts in trip planning and facilitating your logistics to getting to and from tracks in Fiordland.

4. Take a flight up to the Tasman Glacier

It is no secret that the world's glaciers are retreating at a quickening rate each year and this is no different for New Zealand's largest glacier; the Tasman. Due to this it has formed an enormous glacier lake at its base. Huge blocks of ice fall into this lake, floating like icebergs, a phenomenal sight to see. However, the landscape completely changes when up on top of the glacier. It winds It's way around iconic peaks measuring over 7500ft, ladled with snow. One of my favourite experiences was flying up here and landing on the glacier, getting a sense of perspective and scale of an other-worldly place.

Here is a link to the amazing company I completed this epic adventure with, definitely one to tick off the bucket list!

3. Spend a night in Nelson Lakes NP

A place that is sometimes forgotten amongst all the renowned tourist spots is Nelson Lakes NP. I personally have experienced some of my most favourite walks/ hikes in this amazing place of mountains, lakes and forests. By the name, you might suggest that there happens to be a Lake or 2 here and you would be correct. It is host to an array of alpine and low-land lakes situated in deep-crested valley floors and a water clarity that is to be seen to be believed.

2. Visit and explore the Mckenzie Basin