Light Vs Heavy

They say that beautiful is in the eye of the beholder and for me there is nothing more beautiful and wild than the great outdoors. From the arid, rocky terra firma of a steep mountain climb to the vibrant, lush cacophony of a rainforest canopy there is always one deriding fact that wherever, whenever and however we get there … we must always bring back what we took in! I’m talking gear! The shoes, socks, pants, shorts, jumpers, coats, packs, hats and cats. Maybe not the cat but you get the point and it’s a serious point; particularly if you’re venturing on a long trip where you may need to accommodate changes in unforeseen situations. Get your gear wrong and at best your beautiful outdoors

Making Meal Time Easier - Jetboil

Ever been on a trek and found the deafening silence is broken by the gurgle of your stomach and knowing a snack just isn’t going to cut it as your body demands a proper meal? Happens to me all the time. On the plus side I’ve found mealtime choice, in the great outdoors, can be as far ranging as the very paths you’ve travelled. Just the thought of a sweet cinnamon rice pudding makes my mouth water or the chicken curry hot enough to blow your socks off…. yep, choice is a wonderful thing. But before I start my treks I work through my quirky personal mantra to consider the ….. “foody quad-choice”, ie when it comes to camp food how do I balance Quality vs Time vs Weight vs Terrain. I’ve found ou

Walking the Great 9 - Lake Waikeremoana

New Zealand over recent years has grown increasingly popular to people far and wide who come to explore it’s truly amazing parks and coastlines. Spending 2 years in the South Island, I had become familiar with the quiet roads and parks, knowing I could venture into the wilderness without really having to travel enormously far from my doorstep. The North Island it had always seemed for me, was a place I wouldn’t be able to find the wilderness so easily, or so I thought. With the main attractions of the North island being presented with it’s central volcanic activity, my move to Wellington had opened my eyes to new places which were otherwise, less explored. The 9 Great walks of New Zealand co

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