Snowdonia's lesser known peaks - The Rhinogs

I have been fortunate enough to visit Snowdonia on multiple occasions, but each time, unfortunate with the weather forecast. I think it was my 6th visit before I actually had decent hiking conditions there, however, it was pretty damn worth the wait. While a must-do climb to the top of Snowdon is one of the highlights of a typical trip to Snowdonia, the place is so vast that there is so much more to see than climbing the world's busiest mountain. I recently came back from a multi-day hike on the tops, what turned out to be a 'peak-bagging' first day, beginning and ending at the Ogwen Valley. I was remarkably surprised how amazing it was, it reminded me of certain hikes I had done over in New

Wild Camping & Photography - Why do we do it?

I recently have been asked a few times on my wild camping experiences and well simply - why do I do it? Which brings me to the notion - why we do escape to isolated areas and pitch our tents in sometimes unfavourable/ unplanned conditions. I guess it's one of those things, if you know why you do it... you know. My willingness to photograph isolated and wilderness areas is what originally brought me into wild camping. Waking up on isolated ranges in Mount Aspiring National Park or atop the high fiords of Fiordland, it's these places that been very rewarding to me both as a photographer and for my own pleasure enjoying these heightened experiences (excuse the pun). Here's a few reasons why you

New Zealand Adventure Travel - South Island Bucket List

If you love heading off the beaten track and observing some amazing natural beauty, then NZ's South Island is for you. Ladled with adventure, there are walks and trails dotted all over, taking you to incredible destinations. For sure, there are tourist spots but if you want to experience a great adventure, then this might be worth a read. Here are my top 5 hikes/experiences to do in NZ's South Island, in no particular order: 5. Hike the Milford Track Named 'the finest walk in the world', the Milford track is an experience that actually lives up to its nickname. I must admit, I was dubious about this grand title but having done it more than once, I can honestly say I couldn't agree more. 55km

The 5 must-do's of Fiordland

If you've been searching for places to go In New Zealand, then I'm sure they're some names in this blog that are going to ring some bells. Fiordland is in my opinion, one of the most dramatic environments I've ever been in. To truly experience it, you've got to get in amongst it all, take a cruise, walk along trails and get high up for a view point or 2. As the name may suggest, Fiordland plays host to 14 different fiords, the most accessible being Milford Sound, some bells ringing now I'm sure. It's a place that has earned World Heritage status and is the largest National Park in New Zealand covering 1.2million hectares. If you're a fair weather outdoors person, you may struggle here. Whate

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