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Why you need to visit New Zealand's South Island

Here in New Zealand, we are currently in the depths of Winter. The frosty mornings, the snow-capped peaks and the dark nights, it's these factors and much, much more that turn New Zealand into a place of Winter wonder. Most trade their hiking boots for skis and snowboards at this time of year but there are many adventures by foot still to be had. Likewise in summer, the South provides endless opportunities for outdoor exploits, you'll be certainly spoilt for choice.

New Zealand's south island plays host to some of the most sublime landscapes you'll be lucky enough to cast your eye over. The mountains and rivers combine, creating scenes of inspiration and jaw-dropping beauty.

In the time i've been lucky enough to spend there, there are a few spots I have in mind which you should definitely consider exploring if you plan on venturing around the South Island whether it be summer or winter.

Let me show you some of my favourite spots I have visited so far....

Lake Wanaka

A place of inexplicable beauty, Lake Wanaka is situated in the Otago region bordering Mt Aspiring National Park. It's shores are ever-changing with the seasons with the great lake always providing scale with its backdrop of looming peaks. No South Island road trip is ever complete without a trip to Wanaka!


The hub of New Zealand's winter. Situated beside the Southern Alps along the shores of Lake Wakatipu, it is no surprise as to why Queenstown is a tourist favourite. Scenes of grandeur wherever you cast your eye, a buzz of excitement for all things outdoors envelopes the town and you can't help but feel a part of it.

Nelson Lakes

I'm a firm believer in the Nelson Lakes being one of New Zealand's hidden gems. Whilst many flock to the usual destinations, Nelson Lakes beholds some of the most majestic scenes i've been lucky enough to experience. An array of lakes and ridge lines as far as the eye can see, grand adventures are what you will find here. Many come to see what is now known as the clearest fresh-water lake in the world; Blue Lake whilst other want to experience jaw-dropping beauty at elevation in the form of Lake Angelus.


My favourite spot in the South Island. Fiordland is a hard place to put into words, to explain it is a complicated task!

It's a place I can only imagine would almost match that of a pre-human existence in New Zealand, the bush do dense it's almost-impenetrable by foot or air. It's ever-looming, steep fiords enveloping valleys of bush and roaring rivers; it's a mysterious place. There is debate as to when Fiordland looks its very best, some says when it's rare blue skies appear (fiordland rains 2/3rd's of the year) or when the rain comes in, causing waterfalls to come alive and distant outlines of Fiords among the cloud cover. Upon leaving this place you'll be left dumfounded with questions un-answered wanting you to turn around and come back.

That's it from me for this blog! I hope after reading this you'll be able to convey your own South Island dream trip into a reality!

Please feel free to leave any messages or comments, it would be great to know what you thought of the imagery and any questions you may want to ask.

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