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The Last Straw - Your home in the Outdoors - Tents

Going off the beaten track is possibly the most fun you can have on an adventure, finding somewhere new and using your outdoor skills to navigate your route; it's pretty epic stuff. I love doing this, it tends to be a lot quieter, adventurous and furthermore, the appeal of doing it, a lot greater. Needless to say, wherever you choose to lay your head for the night, you'll want to make sure you're safe and sound. I'm talking tents, you know, those things that can put a roof over your head in just about anywhere and just how important they really are.

Tents are a tricky buy with not only different sizes to choose from but also different types of structures to them also; it's mind boggling stuff. Whether you're shopping for the lone wolf or the adventurous bunch, numbers will depict what you buy and so will the structure of it. We're fortunate enough to be in the modern age where the search for finding the lighter alternatives to outdoor gear is endless and so tents, luckily, are in the fore-front of that conversation.

Ultimately tenting and camping is becoming more and more popular, giving opportunists the ability to wake up in places where they'd only ever dream of.

Solo - You're the lone wolf.

Whether it's because you can't stand snorers or you prefer to take on the trail alone, your needs when it comes to tenting are going to be different to those needs of a big group. You can afford to have minimal space and minimal weight simultaneously as well as different structures such as 'A' Frames or Tunnels. What will largely depict the weight of your tent is your type of expedition - So ask yourself these questions:

- Will I need my tent for all-year-round use ( 4 season)?

- Will I be venturing into alpine/super-alpine environments?

If your answer to these 2 questions is YES, then lightest it's not necessarily going to be the best option. Your going to need the roof over your head to hold strong when the conditions turn and offer a waterproof shell. You'll want to ensure the seams are seam-sealed with a water-proofing glue, teaming up with an efficient vent system, stimulating air flow which manages condensation.

Solo Tents I would recommend: