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The 5 must-do's of Fiordland

If you've been searching for places to go In New Zealand, then I'm sure they're some names in this blog that are going to ring some bells. Fiordland is in my opinion, one of the most dramatic environments I've ever been in. To truly experience it, you've got to get in amongst it all, take a cruise, walk along trails and get high up for a view point or 2. As the name may suggest, Fiordland plays host to 14 different fiords, the most accessible being Milford Sound, some bells ringing now I'm sure. It's a place that has earned World Heritage status and is the largest National Park in New Zealand covering 1.2million hectares.

If you're a fair weather outdoors person, you may struggle here. Whatever the season, the rainfall in Fiordland is amongst the highest in the world, raining over 200 days of the year and a measurement of 9metres of rainfall falling in Milford Sound per annum; just crazy! Don't be too down about the weather though, because for a place where the weather is king, it brings to life the region, with waterfalls crashing from steep, sheer cliff faces and the rivers begin to roar. Out of all the places in New Zealand to experience an incredible environment like you've never seen before, I know for a fact you'll find that here.

While planning your trip to the walking capital of the world, here are some offerings you may want to consider for packing into your adventure-fuelled, Fiordland experience.

Lake Marian

A hike with a big reward, the 3 hour up-hill trudge to Lake Marian is a workout you won't regret doing. Sitting at the southern end of the Darran Mountains, this alpine lake has crystal clear waters of almost jewel-like quality. A spot that can be visited all year round, the hanging valley in which it sits offers incredible views across to the steep peaks on the other side of the lake. Sitting in this exact spot, I actually witnessed an avalanche on that peak on the far side of the lake you can see in the picture above, sending a huge rumbling echo throughout the valley; incredible!

Humboldt Falls

If there is one way to get neck pain, then it will definitely come from gazing up at these tremendous falls. Totalling 275 metres in height, the Humboldt falls are always cascading year round, with the sheer volume of water coming down amplified in a roaring sound. Located just off the Milford road heading down the Hollyford Valley, it will take you 20 minutes to walk to the view point, a more than worthy pit-stop on your way to/from Milford Sound.

Milford Sound

The place that inspires travellers from far and wide to visit New Zealand's South Island. Considered the most spectacular natural attraction in New Zealand, it's earned a nickname as the '8th wonder of the world'. The reason why? Well, it's the most accessible of the 14 Fiords in Fiordland, giving people less logistical issues to reach here. It's got the talisman of Mitre Peak standing tall as the centre point of the view of Milford Sound. With a back drop of glacial cut cliff faces and ancient rainforest, it makes this area an undeniably picturesque setting, one which I have found many times, hard to leave.

Milford Track