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My Top 3 Multi-day hikes of the North Island

I have been fortunate enough to have resided in the North Island of New Zealand for the last 2 years. During that time I have tried to get out and explore as much as possible, with each visit discovering new places, new experiences and all the while taking new images for my personal photography portfolio.

With several national parks and forests reserves dotted around, you will never be short of possible adventures here, with a wide variety of different scenes and environments to go and embed yourselves in. Whether it be the interest in the geothermal activity of NZ's north island, the mountain tops and endless ridge lines, or the sublime coastline that lines this island, there's no limit on what you can get up to in the Great Outdoors of New Zealand's North Island.

Much of my outdoor experiences have been by foot; I simply love to hike. I find great satisfaction in reaching destinations just by putting one foot in front of the other, it's truly amazing the sights we can see when we do just that. From the hiking that I have done here, I'd love to share with you some of my favourite multi-day hikes I have done so far, which hopefully may give you the inspiration to come and take on some multi-day hikes here yourselves some day!

Puoakai Circuit

Nestled in the south-west of the North Island is Egmont National park, a place truly dominated by one of the most formidable sights you would have seen to date; Mount Taranaki. It's distinct cone shape as well as it's grandeur will have you gazing at it endlessly. The 23km Puoakai circuit begins from the Egmont visitor centre, sidling around the mountain itself before crossing over to the Puoakai range. Up here, you get a front row seat to gaze at the mountain and the surrounding plains. The views from here are second to none and although the climb to the top of this range consists of more steps than you'd like, your efforts will be rewarded tenfold.

Mt Taranaki as seen from the Puoakai Range

On of the many boardwalks on the Puoakai Circuit