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The Last Straw - Bottle Vs Bladder

November 10, 2017



 Remaining hydrated is fundamental to health and life and is one of the key essentials when you’re off on your wild wonders. For over a hundred years the tin canteen was king but in this day and age it’s worth checking out the bladder packs.


These ‘bags’ of H2O are stashed in a separate compartment of your back pack with a flexible hose running from the bladder bag to your shoulder making rehydration (taking a sip) quick and easy.



No one enjoys having to take off your heavy pack in a slumber to retrieve your bottle for a quick sip and so the bladder popularity is on the rise; I certainly have identified myself with using it on all my adventures of late.


Many modern-day packs you can find are hydration compatible, with a small compartment allocated for the use of a bladder and a hole to thread through the flexible hose. I find using a carabiner and attaching it to the shoulder strap is a great asset to attaching the end of the hose to your pack, enabling easy retrieval whilst on the move. 




 Photo credit: Cameron Barton


There is still something quite romantic about a trusty water bottle however, it’s extremely versatile and it always has a place on every one of my trips …. but the bladder packs are great too.