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Back in the Land of the Long White Cloud

Hello there everyone and thanks for visiting and taking a read of my first blog on my new website; first one of many to come! Through my blogs you will be able to catch up with all my ventures in New Zealand, taking on some of the finest mountains and hikes the country has to offer!

The land of the long white cloud - New Zealand. It's always refreshing coming back here, mostly for the fact that the weather always seems to be much better than where my home is back in the UK; Birmingham.

As soon as I landed, February 14th at 2pm, I was due North for a reunion with old friends and some Scuba diving at a place i just can't seem to get away from, Tutukaka and the Poor Knight Islands.

Souther Arch

Having trained as a Scuba diving Instructor here at New Zealand's no.1 dive centre, Dive! Tutukaka, it was great to be reunited with familiar faces and friends. The Poor knight Islands is a place EVERY diver has to visit at least once in their lifetime, what you will experience their both above and below the water sets the diving standards sky high! The day out was fantastic, some great dives at Northern and Middle arch with amazing visibility and clouds of fish like no other, man i've missed this! I'd highly advise going with Dive! Tutukaka, the days experience you'll have with them is second to none! (

Passing under Southern Arch
Anchored up at our second dive site, Middle Arch
Skipper Josh Woolf at the wheel
Lunchtime on deck

I was on the move once more heading down to Auckland to walk a trail i'd much anticipated; the hillary trail. Measuring 75km in length, i planned to just do a day hike due to a tight schedule to get down south. The weather was unfavourable, gloomy clouds overhead and spitting rain, but often that brings out the best in the New Zealand bush. Not long into the trail I stumbled upon a decommissioned tramline, the Nihotupu tramline. Decomissioned in 2014 and has had no further use since, nature has seized this opportunity to grow over the tramline to provide an eery setting along the tracks, in particular the various tunnels that the tramline used to run through.

Nihotupu Tramline