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Underwater Photography & Imaging


Destination Marketing & Photography 

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SCUBA Instruction

The Underwater world is a place we are very fortunate to be able to experience but, it's an arduous task trying to explain what happens down there in words. Through the eyes of my camera and Underwater deep housing equipment, I can provide an array of different Underwater Photography options which will capture those amazing moments and interactions in the underwater realm.

Looking to expand your image library? Trying to advertise your destination in the best way possible? Look no further! I have worked with several regional tourism agencies as a Destination Photographer to capture those moments when the area/destination looks it's most photogenic. Whether it be national parks, towns, cities or tourism destinations, I can capture the images you would want to see on your brochures and websites! 

Have an engagement party or a big birthday coming up? Capturing those moments with family and friends gathered for a special day is what makes those memories most memorable. I've created images for weddings, family gatherings, engagement parties and birthdays, capturing everyone having a fantastic time!

Advertising via Social media is becoming more and more effective with the increasing number of products being seen and bought via platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. With a following of 15k followers on my social media platforms, I can advertise your products to an extra following, all the while, saving you costs on marketing streams which may be ineffective.

An experienced PADI Specialty Instructor, I bring a high standard of professionalism and knowledge to each course I teach, ensuring safety and skill are a priority with each student becoming competent with each and every skill contained in the course itinerary. Operating on luxury yachts and dive resorts, I can assure my training will go above and beyond your needs and expectations with a high quality service delivered.

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